credit card validation number

It seems like 1Password skips over the validation number whenever I use the wallet to enter my cc information. Is it because the webpages call it a CCV number?


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    Actually it has more to do with how the page designers label there input field.... if they even label it. The guys are working on beefing up the filling of data but its a constant battle because of the reason I mentioned. There is no default naming system etc to standardize the setup so we can fill it easily. If there was our lives would be easier. When they fix something for one site it may not easily fix another etc.

    I am sorry I dont have an really great news to tell you...regarding the issue.
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    Technically, credit card information should fill just fine if the page follows the ECML v2 spec, but virtually no one does. :S

    If you provide the URL where you see the problem, I'd love to pass it along to the developers to see how we can improve.
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