secure notes disappeared

Hi, I have been using 1password for a long time, I did recently upgrade to lion, and before that I think I upgraded my 1password. My current version is 3.8.17. At somepoint, I think very recently my secure notes disppaeared, I just noticed today, I left for vacation last week and I swear they were there before I left. Any ideas where they went to, or anyway I can recover the data from them....?



  • ok, they are migically back now..... weird....
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Hey Joel,

    I'm glad things are working well. It could have been a caching or Dropbox sync delay. Nothing should ever be "lost" since 1Password makes local backups of your data every day by default. However, now is probably not a bad time to remind you to have external and offsite backups as part of good computing hygiene.

    If you have any more trouble, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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