Is 1password limited to one user or strictly one computer?

Dear Sirs,

Your product is amazing, it saved me loads of time and increased convenience into one click. I hope you can help me answer this question. I have 2 computes, one for work and one for home use. I don't have access to my home computer at work but would need to access 1Password at work, is that possible after I buy the program after the trial version?


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    Welcome to the forums, liubang! We employ what we like to call a Sane Licensing model. :)

    1Password is licensed per-user, per-platform. That means that as long as you are the only user, your Windows license entitles you to install 1Password for Windows on as many PCs as you can possible afford.

    Similarly, if you purchase a Mac + Windows bundle (or add a Mac license later), you can install 1Password on all the Macs and PCs you come into contact with as long as you are the sole user of 1Password on those machines. (Additional users require an additional license.)

    I hope that helps. Enjoy 1Password on your work computer. :D
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