Same Website: http vs. https?

Purchased 1Password today. Very excited about getting started.

Imported my saved passwords from Firefox and noticed that in many cases there were multiple login entries for the same basic site, but Firefox had treated the http version and the https version as different sites, each with their own entry.

In other words, http:xxxxxxxx and https:xxxxxxxx each had separate login entries (although the username and password were the same in each case).

Would 1Password also view these as different sites? Do I need to keep one entry for http and another entry for https? Or can I safely delete one of the two "duplicate" entries (and if so, does it matter which)?

Would love to be able to trim down the number of accounts so I can find things more quickly.

Many thanks!


  • svondutchsvondutch

    Team Member
    No, 1Password does not view these as different sites. Most of the time, 1Password is looking at the domain (not the protocol). You can safely delete one of the two "duplicate" entries.
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