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Finally figured out what was causing so much performance problems in Firefox; 1Password extension.

The performance is really bad on Javascript heavy sites and my browser almost locks up while loading these sites before it eventually loads. An example of a site that loads terrible for me with 1Password extension enabled is HardballTalk:

I've tried completely uninstalling the 1Password application and the 1Password extension, but upon re-installing 1Password I get the same performance. I've already tried a new Firefox profile, and it works fine until I load the 1Password extension.

Is the new 1Password extension Javascript based? It's possible this may be why performance is taking such a hit.

Since this is perofrmance related I'll mention that I tend to keep a lot of tabs open. I usually keep around 10 tabs open at a time, give or take a few in either direction.

Do you guys need the diagnostics report? I'm unsure if this contains performance related information or just crash information so I have not attached that in this original post.


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    What versions of (1) 1Password, (2) Firefox, and (3) the 1Password Firefox extension are you using? I'm not seeing any performance issues on the HardballTalk site myself, but perhaps there is something else happening on your system.

    Could you generate a fresh Diagnostics Report and send it to us via our support AT email address? Please include a link to this thread so that we can "connect the dots" when we see it in our inbox, and please do not post your Diagnostics Report here in the forums.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 1Password ver:
    Firefox ver: 12.0
    Firefox 1Password Ext ver: 3.9.4

    The extension seems to be lagging the entire browser, but it's more noticeable on sites like Hardball Talk. I believe it's due to the heavy JavaScript content that makes it worse on Hardball Talk, but I notice the performance hit even while not on Hardball Talk.

    I've been running without the extension since making the original post and Firefox has been running a lot better. I'll send the diagnostics report immediately after making this post.

    Thank you
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    Thanks! We will reply to your email as soon as possible. I don't see it in our inbox yet, but it is possible you sent it from a different email address than you used to sign up for these forums. :)
  • Yes, it was a different email address. I apologize for that as I forgot to change the email I was sending from as the email address I have signed up to the forums is not the default in my mail client.

    The email was sent, but if you need my email address I can PM it since I won't be posting that in the forum.
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    Found it. We will reply as soon as possible via email. :)
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