Windows/Safari plugin animation problem

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I'm running the latest 1password for Windows along with the latest plugin for Safari. I've encountered an odd problem when I press ctrl \ (or click the 1P toolbar button). The locked view is shown and after a second or so, the cursor in the password field disappears. I can still type my password, but without any feedback. When I press enter, the center piece spins 90 degrees and the animation starts to separate ever so slightly then stops. I can still interact with the plugin as if it's fully functional, but the entries aren't shown (the 'doors' from the lock screen are still displayed).

If I disable animations everything works as expected.

Any suggestions? Doesn't seem to be specific to certain websites.

I've attached a picture that shows what the plugin looks like after I type the password.



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    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reporting this. I am seeing something similar. For now it sounds like you found the workaround: disable animations. For those following along at home, you can disable animations in the extension's "About" section:


    I will pass this along to the developers for resolution in an update.
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