Chrome extension questions/requests

Are there preferences for the Chrome extension? Other threads in the forum seem to indicate that they exists, but I don't see how to tweak them.

Specifically, I'd like it to:

1) Not time out my master password. Or at least change how often it does that.

2) Stop asking me if I want to save a password if I already have it saved (this happens when I forget to use 1password). Or at least be smart enough not to save duplicate username/password entries.

I'm also wondering if there's a way to handle multiple logins with Ctrl+\. It just picks the first one instead of giving me an option.



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    Welcome to the forums, Markwoon!

    1. The auto-lock settings in the extension are controlled by 1Password's preferences:

    2. 1Password can only detect an exiting Login item if you use 1Password to fill the information. Just press CTRL+\ whenever you see a Login prompt on a website. 1Password will fill it in and submit the form for you. Much easier than typing it in manually. After a couple times, I think you will be addicted and not have to worry about "forgetting" to use 1Password to fill your Logins. It also helps if you are using strong, unique generated passwords for every site and can't type in your own passwords. ;)

    As for duplicates, 1Password has no way of knowing what you consider a duplicate. Some people have more than one Login for a number of sites. That is why user interaction is required when saving a new Login item. You'll need to either confirm or disconfirm the save

    When using 1Password to fill a site where you have multiple Logins saved, 1Password will automatically select the Login which is an exact match (based on the URL you are viewing at the time). If you wish to be prompted make sure the Logins share the same URL.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know. :)
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