Facial recognition?

A lot of computers and most Macs have cameras pointed at the user.
Why not make facial recognition an option for log in instead of a password or; an option in addition to a password too?
iMacs seem to be all over the place in use by doctors, lawyers, professors, researchers, designers, and other professionals in particular who might like that instead of a password or in addition to it. Doctors in particular are so busy and have so much to remember. Most of which is a hell of a lot more critical than a password to access confidential data or records.
For iPad, if more computing power is needed, tie it into the doctor's office iMac via the network to chomp the facial recognition points.
Doctor, walking about, needs to access patient data on iPad. Knox request facial recognition to open file on iPad. Lives saved!
School teacher does not want students to access data on iPad while back is turned, etc.


  • F451F451 Pretzel Logistician
    Yes, it was defeated, but Google is releasing an updated version that includes a "blinking checking sequence" to further identify a true face. Also, Apple is said to have filed a face unlock patent.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Facial recognition versus a password is like a secret knock (which anyone can overhear and easily duplicate) versus a key. It is good at blocking people with no foresight or prior knowledge of the owner of the device, but is by no means suitable as a sole means of authentication.
  • F451F451 Pretzel Logistician

    While I agree with you in the present, I disagree for the future. This feature is an excellent means of having someone in your family use 1P as a subset to that of the master. The bottom line on security is it a shared responsibly and accountability between product and user—within the limitations of both. :cool:
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