Some logins missed from plugins after moving 1Passport database to dropbox public folder

Hi! After I moved my 1Password database from dropbox root folder to its public folder(for easy access, you know), Some login information are missed in the browser extensions(firefox & chrome, don't know about IE). The wiredest thing is that only SOME are missed. For example, I have 3 logins for and only one of them is shown in the extension's popup but all 5 logins for are available; and today I created two logins using 1Password Chrome extensions for two different sites(never created logins on these sites before) but only one can be used in the extension(both are correctly saved and can be viewed in 1Password for windows software). It's like the extensions ramdonly choose not to show some logins. The problem are the same for chrome and firefox extensions, which means what's shown and what's missed are all the same.

All logins can be viewed using 1Password for Windows software and the 1Password Data location in Preferences>General is correctly set at C:/XXXX/Dropbox/Public/1Password.agilekeychain and all browsers and 1Password plugins are up-to-date. Also there are no problem using 1Password for mac with the same database.

This problem has bothered me for quite some time and I thought it's just a small bug that would be fixed soon. But it's not. So I'm reporting :)


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    Welcome to the forums, Ranye! Please immediately remove your 1Password data from your public folder.

    Although we have designed it so that your username and password data (along with other secret data stored within it) is protected no matter whose hands they fall into, we don’t recommend making your 1Password database publicly available to the world.

    Once you have moved your data back to the default location outside of your public folder, please let me know. We can help you resolve the other matter of the data not being "in sync" between the browser extensions and the main application. Something is likely blocking the connection between the 1Password Helper and the extensions.
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