Trouble with Firefox 12 [RESOLVED: update to current version of Firefox]

Hi Guys

Bit of an odd one, but this morning my 1Password extention stopped working in Firefox. When I go to the addons section it tells me that the add on is disabled as its not compatabile with Firefox 12.0

I tried removing the add on and resinstalling it but again the same thing.

Can anyone help?


  • Hi gingerdave, i'm new as well.
    I just want to suggest a few things you could look at that may help, not necessarily answers.

    Why are you using what seems like an older versions of Firefox? Surely you should update to latest?

    I assume you had been using 1Password ext with it before, perhaps you have the extension set to auto update, and it did that but now this updated extension is Incompatible with Firefox 12?

    If I were you I would update Firefox to the latest version, I think 14. Etc, and try again.

    Doing that may of course create other incompatibilities with whatever other extensions you may have installed. You will have to evaluate that as a secondary issue, Firefox update I think should be first. You can always get equivalent extensions.

    Hope this helps

  • gingerdavegingerdave Junior Member
    Thanks Walter, that did the trick. To be honestI didn't think that v12 was that far out of date.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

    Team Member
    Great news! Thanks for letting us know that everything is working well. :)

    Please be sure that you have not disabled automatic updates for Firefox (or 1Password for that matter). It is always important to stay up to date for security fixes and compatibility.
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