1Password extension not available via chrome store

My recent Chrome update does not seem to support the 1Password extension

In Chrome, I go to "Settings/extensions" and end up at the Chrome extension store - I search for the 1Password extension but it is not available

am I missing a step?

is there some other way to access the 1Password extension?

thanks for your time and attention



  • New to this as well.
    The extensions are downloadable from
    As far as I'm aware, not anywhere else at present.


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    Thanks for the reply Walter - it worked

    It seems that every time Chrome updates, I need to resinstall the extension directly Agilebits - now I know


    Downloaded the extension, key appears on toolbar and the 1Password extension is enabled under settings/extensions - 1Password is back in business

    then I close and open Chrome - and the 1Password extension is gone, no key, nothing under settings/extensions either

    reinstall, fine - close Chrome, gone...

    any solutions?

    FYI - 1Password works fine with Firefox and IE - hiccups are all with Chrome

    thanks B
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    The 1Password extension has always been installed through 1Password's preferences on the Browsers tab. You should not have to ever reinstall it once it is installed, though, no matter how many times you upgrade Chrome. And it should definitely stay put across a restart of Chrome.

    To help us track down the issue more quickly, could you please send us your Diagnostics Report? Select **Help > Diagnostics Report > Export to File** from the menu bar in 1Password. Then attach the report to an email to us at support AT agilebits.com.

    Once we see your report we should be able to help more. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi B,

    To keep us more organized, I'm going to close this thread, so we can continue our discussion through email. We can update this thread when we find the resolution.
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