Will the Windows version ever match the OS X version?

So as an avid 1Password fan (I have recommended this software to so many people, because the entire package is so smooth and useful!), I have been trying to convince my wife to try the Windows version to replace her KeePass installation. I run the OS X version (again, you guys did an amazing job!), and I figured the differences between the OS X and Windows version couldn't be that bad.

This is probably the worst decision I have ever made. The software is so 'ugly' compared with the OS X version, it is extremely difficult to use, the GUI just doesn't make sense (buttons aren't where they should be, etc.), shortcuts in Chrome only work once in a while, and much more.

So I before I start converting the records to a format KeePass can import, I figured I would ask if there are any plans to match the OS X version anytime soon?

After playing with the Windows version myself, I am truly frustrated, and not happy at all that I put all this work and time into converting KeePass entries.

Shame on me for not doing more testing, but I definitely didn't expect the Windows version to be so awful.


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    Hi noobinator,

    Thanks for providing some feedback.

    Work on 1Password for Windows began a very long time ago, when 1Password 3 was still in beta development, and the decision was made to base the design and features of 1Password for Windows on the product that was current at that time: 1Password 2. We’ve moved way beyond that in features, already, but the look and organization are still closely matched to 1Password 2.

    Please be assured that we plan to introduce many of the features and much of the look of 1Password 3 in future releases of 1Password for Windows.

    We’ve already begun that work, and 1Password will only become more similar across platforms as time goes on. I don't have a time frame for a specific release for a specific design or feature, but this is definitely on our radar.

    Is there anything specific that I can help with? It sounds like you are having trouble with the keyboard shortcut in Chrome. If so, I'd love to get that resolved as well as any other problems you might be having. Other than that, I didn't see any specific issues listed in your post. Windows is very different from OS X, so there may be some conventions you are not used to if you normally use OS X.

    For anyone else coming across this thread via search: we do offer a free 30-day trial of 1Password for Windows if you want to test it out for yourself.


    Please let me know how I can help.
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