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I'm a current RoboForm user and I'd like to switch to 1Password, therefore I am trying the 30-day free trial and so far, I LOVE it! It's much more streamlined, refined and is simply easier on the end user to use.

However, here is one issue I found that puzzles me. We are going to use Amazon as an example.

Right now, I am on your forums. If I use the Google Chrome Extension, look at the 'Open login in New Tab' on my list and click Amazon; it brings me to Amazon's login page, logs in and re-directs me back to their home page. Awesome!

However, if I start by going to Amazon.com and I am now on their main page, I click the Chrome Extension and see Amazon is moved to the "Fill forms and login". When I click that, absolutely nothing happens. I am going to assume this is because there are no forms on the page. With that said, however, why does it not re-direct to the login page anyway, since 1Password has the sign-in page url stored?



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    Welcome to the forums, jnick! Thanks for trying out 1Password. :)

    The bottom "Open Login in…" section is for what we call "Go & Fill." There is not currently a way to use Go & Fill for a Login item on the domain you are currently viewing. For the current domain, only "Fill" (in the top section of the extension popup). The reason for this is that some sites have multiple Login pages and we wanted to allow folks to fill a Login on any page of the site without being frustratingly redirected to a different Login page.

    One solution we have considered is copying rather than moving Login items from the bottom section to the top for the currently viewed domain.

    You can still use "external" Go & Fill (by double-clicking a Login item in the main application) or the "1p" omnibox trick in Chrome regardless of the currently viewed domain.

    I'll definitely make sure the developers get your feedback on this. We really appreciate you taking the time!
  • Still testing the demo and have run across a different issue... The browser extension appears to move logins up to a different section when it detects that you are the domain of a previously saved login.

    The problem is that I am on a different page of that domain and when I click the blue bar to login, nothing happens.

    I would expect it to load the login page if it cannot see the form fields, no?
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    Ah, I just mentioned the "Fill and Submit Login" section in my reply to the other thread you started. ;)

    I merged your post with this existing thread for the same issue. Please see my reply above and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
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