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Hi All
I manage all the Macs and iDevices in my own house as well as for both sets of parents. I want to keep things as secure as possible whilst still having a 'normal' life. The John the Ripper blog post and Mat Honan twitter hack freaked me out even though I made none of the mistakes Mat did, except storing credit card details in Amazon which I since deleted and now use 1Password Wallet. I see that both Apple and Amazon have changed policy since too. I had a bit of a panic about it all but Jeff and some other posters gave me some good advice reducing my panic and allowing a more informed decision about managing my online security.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting security advice out there, and equally some good stuff that has challenged my existing conventional view e.g. changing password regularly is not necessary in many contexts, and I have also seen that mentioned on the Agile Blog which is another good source of info.

So my question, finally! Can folks recommend any websites or other sources to stay up to date on computer/online security matters and how to deal with them or at least balance and understand the risk? Bear in mind I am all Mac OS X and iOS and the info should be 'punter' (ie normal person) level.

Many thanks



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