Move to Dropbox button not selectable

I just installed 1password on a windows device. I attempted to select "Move to Dropbox" in the preferences section so that I can sync across computers, but the "Move to Dropbox" button is greyed. I can't select it.

How do I get my 1password program on a windows laptop sync with my Dropbox account?


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    Welcome to the forums, fibrou! If the button is greyed out, it likely means that your data is already in the Dropbox folder. Could you tell me what path is listed in 1Password's preferences on the General tab? Here's mine as an example. In my screenshot, my path is:



    Also, I presume you have already installed Dropbox for Windows, but if you haven't that is the first step before you can move your data to Dropbox. :)

    Could you please verify that you have Dropbox installed and running? You should see a blue Dropbox icon in your system tray with a green checkmark in it.

    If it is not running it needs to be in order to use the Move to Dropbox function. Please let me know.

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    The "move to dropbox" button is disabled if...
    1. your keychain is already "under dropbox control"
    2. there is another keychain *having the same name* in your dropbox directory.
  • Thanks Gentlemen! My bad. Data directory is already pointed to my Dropbox folder. Sorry again for overlooking that.

    Wonderful program, by the way.
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    Great news! Thanks for letting us know that everything is working well.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. :)
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