Sync 1Password Mac with Windows without Dropbox


I've been reading the forums quite a bit to do with the possiblity of syncing 1Password Mac with the Windows version without using Dropbox. I've read a great deal of posts requesting this feature and understand that other syncing solutions may be in the pipeline for the future but at the moment we are limited to Dropbox. Also Wifi syncing between the two products is currently not on the radar.

However, if I'm happy to use the Windows version effectively as a read-only copy, is there anything stopping me copying the 1Password Mac data files to Windows, maybe with a NAS inbetween, on a scheduled basis? Is the file format the same in both Operating Systems or is the Dropbox component doing something extra to convert between the two platforms?

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    The data file is identical. If you only need read-only access, you might consider using the 1PasswordAnywhere feature from a local offline copy of the data so no changes can be written and the data will not get out of sync that way:
  • Thank you, I have started by transferring a backup from Mac to Windows and it worked first time.
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    I'm glad that is working well for you too. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help with. :)

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