Inconsistency between iPhone & iPad

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There is an inconsistency between how the iPhone and the iPad handle the "Conceal Passwords" setting:

1. On BOTH the iPhone & iPad, turn "ON" the Display Setting that says "Conceal Passwords".
2. On both the iPhone & iPad, choose one of your logins.
3. On both the iPhone & iPad, click on the "Edit" button to edit that login.
4. Here's where the inconsistency takes place:
- On the iPad, when you're in edit mode, you can see your password.
- But on the iPhone, when you're in edit mode, you still can't see your password.

We much prefer the way that the iPad behaves.

Can you please make this behavior consistent across all iOS devices?

And when doing so, please make it like the iPad behavior?



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    I don't have a time frame for a specific release, but I know this will be resolved.

    Thanks for letting us know you will appreciate it when it ships. :D
  • Haha, thanks! :)
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