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Hi, I'm having a recent issue syncing my iOS devices to my Mac. It worked fine a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm unable to sync. I deleted the devices and tried to re-authenticate, but the mac application doesn't ask for the authentication keys. The iOS devices show up fine on my Mac, but when I open new connections on my phone and see the secret keys, when I click on "Sync" on my mac, nothing happens. Is anyone else having this issue?


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    Welcome to the forums, Jet97! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble syncing. Before I go too far, I just want to mention that 1Password provides a method of syncing that is fully automatic, does not require you to even be near your computer, and is our recommended method of securely syncing.

    With Dropbox syncing, you can keep 1Password up to date from across town or across the country — anywhere you have an Internet connection. You Mac doesn't even have to be turned on!


    I would strongly advise going with Dropbox syncing. It is more robust than Wi-Fi syncing (since it works as long as you have an Internet connection and is not subject to the whims of many network configuration issues). It is also extremely secure:


    If you would prefer to stick with manually syncing via Wi-Fi, please read on.

    On your Mac, if your iOS device is already listed in the sidebar under the SYNC section in 1Password, please remove it by right-clicking on it and selecting "Delete…"

    IMPORTANT: Please restart your Mac and iOS device before proceeding further. This will restart the Bonjour networking service that Apple provides for Wi-Fi syncing. You can restart your iOS device by holding down both the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    After restarting, please open Terminal (found in your /Applications/Utilities folder). Copy and paste this line into Terminal and press Return:

    defaults write ws.agile.1Password ShowWiFiSyncAuthAutomatically -bool YES

    Now, please open 1Password on your Mac and iOS device.

    On your iOS device:

    1. Open the 1Password app.
    2. Tap Settings > Sync and turn Wi-Fi Sync ON.
    3. Tap "Allow New Connections". 1Password will display two secret sync codes.

    On your Mac:

    1. You should be prompted to enter the codes automatically.
    2. Click "OK" and begin configuring your sync options.
    3. Click "Sync" to perform a sync operation.

    If you are still stuck, please take a look at our Wi-Fi Sync Troubleshooting Guide.


    Please let me know how it turns out, or if you have any additional questions.
  • That solved my problem, thank you! I was going crazy trying to get the syncing working again. I see the dropbox option that you have, however I feel more secure keeping all the password files locally, rather than in the cloud. Thanks again.
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    Great news! Thanks for letting me know that everything is working well. :)

    If you're curious about the security of Dropbox syncing, we have an article that explains it all.
    • Your master password is never transmitted from your computer or device.
    • All 1Password decryption and encryption is performed on your computer or device.
    • The 1Password data format was designed to withstand sophisticated attacks if it fell into the wrong hands.
    • Dropbox provides an additional layer of encryption.

    Security of storing 1Password data in the Cloud

    For what it's worth, all of us on the team (including our paid-to-be-paranoid Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts) use Dropbox syncing every day. You'll need to do what works best for you, but if you have any additional questions about the security of Dropbox syncing or anything else, please let me know.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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    So it looks like I'm having this issue again. I don't want to redo these step every time I need to sync. Is this some kind of known issue or only any issue I'm having? It worked fine previously. I do not want to use the DropBox solution, as despite what is recommended, it is safer if no one has access to your password files. Thank you.
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    One of the giant upsides to syncing via Dropbox is that it works as long as you have an Internet connection. It is much more robust in this regard.

    Wi-Fi syncing, on the other hand, is very fragile. Small changes in your local network configuration can break it. There is a limit to how much we can troubleshoot with Wi-Fi syncing since there are virtually unlimited network configurations. Much of networking configuration falls beyond the scope of 1Password. However, we've tried to cover as much as possible in the Wi-Fi syncing troubleshooting guide:


    All that said, I'm not certain that I understand what your trouble is. Could you please describe in as much detail as possible the steps you are taking, and what you are [not] seeing happen? With some additional information I may be able to provide you with more specific assistance.
  • What happens is when I open 1password on my mac and on any iOS device for syncing, the iOS device appears on the mac in the left pane. What doesn't happen however is any syncing. When I press the "sync" button on my mac, I get the spinning icon next to the iOS device in the left pane but it doesn't sync. When I remove the iOS device and re-open it on the iOS device, I again see the iOS on my mac, but when I try to open a new connection, nothing happens on my mac. There is no screen to enter the keys displayed on my iOS device. Again, I've had no problems with this for the last year or so since I've been using it and there have been no changes to my network. If I reboot my iOS device, that seem to fix it at least temporarily. I don't know if it's an iOS6/iphone5 issue or a 1Password app problem as it's only happened since I've upgraded everything. Prior to upgrading, whenever I opened 1Password on my iOS device and on my mac, they all automatically synced. Thanks.
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    It sounds like a problem in the network stack in iOS if restarting your iOS devices fixes it. Restarting the device will restart the network stack.

    I'm wondering if a Diagnostics Report would reveal anything specific on your Mac. Could you please send us a Diagnostics Report?

    In 1Password 3.8, just select Help > Troubleshooting > Diagnostics Report from the menu bar.

    If you are using 1Password 3.9 (from the Mac App Store), you'll need to follow the instructions here:


    Then attach the entire file to an email to support AT agilebits.com.

    Please include a link to this thread in order that we might more quickly "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, though.
  • Thanks. There is a lot of information in the diagnostics reports, can I just send the relevant information? Which section is the most important?
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    All the sections may be relevant. That is why they are included in the Diagnostics Reports. We won't know for sure until we see the report, though.

    There shouldn't be anything in the report that would affect your privacy. It contains no sensitive or personal information. You can review the report yourself before sending it in. It's just system logs, configuration settings, directory listings of 1Password and some system files, etc. What specifically in the report are you concerned with sharing?
  • It looks like it might have been a router issue as some of my other devices were having trouble connecting to each other. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again. Thank you.
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    Please do keep us posted. Thanks.
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