Accessing my iPhone data on my PC

I installed 1Passord on my PC. I backed up my iPhone data as indicated. The backup data is on my PC in the form of "1Password0100-20121116.1ptbackup". When I try to import this file in 1Password for Windows, I do not see it as a file that can be imported. When I try to restore the file, it is like I will get my data back, but the result is that absolutely no data shows up. What am I doing wrong?


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    Welcome to the forums, sjdoyon! Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    I'm sorry for any confusion, but backups from the iOS apps can only be used in the iOS apps. This is explicitly stated when you created the backup:

    Please note that this file is only suitable for restoring to 1Password for iPhone. This file cannot be used for importing to other applications including 1Password for Mac.

    Here is a screenshot of the exact message that was displayed when you saved the backup:


    It is not a problem, though, since you can simply set up Dropbox in 1Password for Windows and then turn on Dropbox syncing in the 1Password app on your iPhone. All your data will be synced to 1Password for Windows.

    1. Have you installed Dropbox in Windows?
    2. Is your 1Password for Windows data located in the Dropbox folder?
    3. Have you enabled Dropbox syncing in 1Password on your iOS device?

    Here is the complete guide:


    If you you are stuck on any of the steps, please let me know exactly which step you are stuck on so I can provide more specific assistance.

    I'm looking forward to getting this resolved for you with some additional information from you. Thanks!
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