How to use a USB drive

Besides using the drop box, I would also like to store my file on a usb stick.

Is there anywhere on the site I can find comprehensive instrutions on USB and Drop box use



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    Dropbox setup is just a single click (presuming you already have Dropbox installed). Just click the "Move to Dropbox" button in 1Password's preferences on the General tab.

    If you like, you can also place a copy of your 1Password.agilekeychain data on a USB flash drive. Just be sure that you are copying it and NOT moving it.

    Then you can use the 1PasswordAnywhere feature to read the data in any modern browser via Dropbox or the copy of your data on the USB flash drive:
  • The link you sent me to says this.
    Current Limitations of 1PasswordAnywhere
    • 1PasswordAnywhere requires a modern browser. Internet Explorer is not supported.
    • Starting with version 13, Firefox tightened its security on opening local files. As result, Firefox will no longer load 1PasswordAnywhere from the local file system. You can still access 1PasswordAnywhere via the Dropbox website, however.
    • File attachments are not currently available within 1PasswordAnywhere.

    If I read this correctly the usb function no longer works with current firefox.. I have been unsuccessful except using dropbox
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    You can use Chrome with a command line switch or Safari or, as you mention, Dropbox. Unfortunately we do not have control over the changes in Firefox or any browser.
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