Chrome v24 and 1password 3.8.20 on OS X

Two issues, both related to the latest Chrome update (as far as I can tell).

First, the styling is messed up on maybe 20% of the sites I use 1password on. Here's a screenshot:

There's another extension (Window Resizer) that also "lost its styling" with the latest update.

The other issue is that when I hit enter to select a login, 1password now waits about 7 seconds before it does anything. During this time I can still interact with the popup, but it'll eventually submit. Just after a very annoying delay :)

Any thoughts? Since I can't find anybody else bringing this up I assume it's something unique to my environment. I've tried the beta versions and such and haven't had any luck with either issue.



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    Hi Beto,

    Can you upload the screenshot again, it appears to be dead for us. Also, please tell us one or two of the web site addresses where this would break the extension's styling. It might be the site's code that's overriding a feature in the browser that could affect the extensions.

    Can you also try to disable all extensions in Chrome except for 1Password, restart Chrome and see if 1Password works better?

    Please let us know.

  • You know what, this morning I tried to play an mp3 in Chrome and it wouldn't work either, so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome. That seems to have addressed both issues, as well as the mp3 playing issue.

    If this crops up again and I can't get Chrome working I'll bump this thread, but hopefully it was just some weirdness in Chrome. Thanks for the great product and support.
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    It appears from your screenshot (and the title you gave this thread) that you were using an unstable (i.e. beta/dev/canary) build of Chrome.

    1Password supports the stable builds of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. While we can't guarantee that 1Password will work with Beta, Dev or Nightly builds of browsers, we make every effort to maintain compatibility as browsers go through their various development and release cycles. Sometimes, a change comes along that requires some change, so if you're on the cutting edge of browser releases, there may be some times when 1Password isn't compatible with the latest and greatest release of your favorite browser.

    Rest assured, we monitor the development of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome very closely and we vigorously test each release for 1Password compatibility. In general we recommend sticking with the stable releases of the browser, particularly if you don't want to use a Beta version of 1Password or the potential for temporary incompatibilities. In general, development and beta versions are for testing new features and ensuring compatibility rather than everyday browsing. For instance, we test development versions of browsers so we can be sure 1Password will be compatible as the release moves through beta and into the stable channel.

    If you're having trouble with the latest stable release of your browser, please let us know! If you're using a beta, development, or other prerelease, please know we're working hard on it and we'll have an update (usually a beta first) to restore compatibility soon.
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