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Hi folks,

Thanks for inviting me to the iOS6 beta. I just launched the latest beta on my iPad (4.0b32).

First off, nice job of extending the look. Overall the App looks clean and inviting. For the most part, what to do seems intuitive (see below... BTW, I have been in the mobile App game for 20+ years, starting as a part of the Apple Newton group, then Palm, and now doing my own and other's iOS Apps.)

I have a few bit of customer flow feedback that are likely to save you some headaches.

1. It is unclear if you can both sync to iCloud and Dropbox
- I am already using Dropbox with the previous version and it is unclear if I can use both Dropbox and iCloud. In this case the desktop client only does Dropbox... and as it is, I prefer to have 2 masters that are sync'd in case iCloud or Dropbox are down.

2. The upgrade flow was unintuitive for me. For my wife, it would be impossible and highly frustrating:
- I wanted to import data from my old version of 1Password
- On the screen that starts the import, you have a customers attention for at most 2 lines of text, usually 1

The first line talked about launching the old App. If there was anything there about the web page that showed up with a weird URL, I did not read it. You need to restructure the upgrade process so the customer gets clear on the process *before* the old app launches. They need to know a web page will come up, what they are supposed to do with that web page, and what the flow will look like.

- I made the mistake of dismissing the web view, went back to the beta and tried to find out how to kick off the upgrade process again and could not find anything. At best, I can manually setup Dropbox on the new product... not a great experience for a non-technical user

3. As the customer explores the App they will hit the web opening button in the lower left. I like the idea, however, it may confuse the user. The reason is the web page slides in, and then the keyboard opens... and that covers the return button... "where am I" says the customer... how do I get back? did I accidentally launch Safari... I must have, tap the Home button to exit.

4. Syncing with Dropbox does not use the Dropbox SDK to launch the app if present. Would be a nicer experience.

Thats all for now, will be able to spend more time later (after I write more of the book.)


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Maurice,

    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it.
    1. We'll mention that you can use any of the syncing services at the same time. iCloud sync on the desktop will require 1Password 4 for OS X
    2. There's a bug in the upgrade process inside 1Password 3.7.2 for iOS, which is mentioned in the Known issues. If you have Dropbox sync enabled, it'll break the entire process completely. You're not supposed to see that URL at all, that URL is supposed to start the process but the app broke instead. We'll release an update to 1Password 3.7 for iOS to fix this. The goal is to migrate the Dropbox's account information over to the new version and from there, use it to sync your 1Password database from Dropbox, instead of importing it from the old version.
    3. I'm not sure what we can do to improve the experience here, it mentions to enter the web site address or search. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. So far, we haven't gotten a single feedback suggesting people had issues with this.
    4. Actually, we do use the Dropbox SDK already. It is supposed to open up the Dropbox app if it exists on the app and if not, open up the Dropbox's website. What are you seeing instead?

    Please let me know.

    Thanks again!
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