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Here is some feedback regarding the UI/UX I've encountered so far.
iPad Mini, iOS 6.0.1, 1Password 4.0b32

Most of these are while using 1P in portrait mode but I did check if the behavior was the same in landscape mode.

When attempting to locate a login item, I tried to use the jump letter row below the icons. This was a mess.
  • The letter targets are too small. I kept hitting either the item entry above or one of the small icons below.
  • When holding down and sliding across the letters, if you slide your finger 1/4 of an inch above or below the letter bar, it unselects the letter you were on. This causes the item entries to jump to the beginning. If the user slides out of the letter bar, it should stay at the last selected letter.

The entry icons sliding is nice but needs some work.
  • They slide too fast and blur together
  • The entry text below the icon is blocked by my hand/finger when sliding across the letter bar. Perhaps move the Title text to be above the icon and the subtext (username) remains below.
  • Instead of sliding, have it jump to the letter. This is how it scrolls when in landscape mode using the standard tableview, which is extremely fast and works well.

The demo mode only has 30-40 entries and it actually scrolls a bit different. When I slide across the letters, it very slowly slides the icons until I pause on a letter then the icons speed up to get to that position. When I do this with my data (500+ entries), it immediately scrolls. I guess the initial scroll delay is based on how many entries you have showing.

Since you need to show up to 27 entries on the letter bar, one idea would be to use the magnify feature from the OSX Dock. As the user is sliding across the letters, they magnify up to be large letters above their finger. The icons could still be sliding behind but the user would be looking at the large letters instead of attempting to read the small title text to determine the position.

Search bar is needed! I saw in an earlier post that it is available in landscape mode and is planned to be added in portrait mode. IMHO, this needs to be bumped up on the priority list.

Support for Smart Folders? I don't use the regular folders much but use the Smart Folders feature extensively.

The Settings popup window.
- It is just a bit too short. Most of the buttons in the Settings menus show within the window but there are a couple of screens where there is one button partially shown.
- Settings > Advanced. The Erase Data button is partially shown
- Settings > News. There are 4.5 entries shown of the 5 total entries (but I'm sure there will be more to come)
- Settings > Security > Auto-Lock. The Lock Now button is partially shown
If the window was about 1/2" taller, you wouldn't have to scroll.
- It remembers the menu depth, even between sessions. This is handy if you are using it and accidentally click outside of the window which closes it. If it has been a while, even a new session the next day, it would be best to start at the top level instead of the 4 levels deep I left it.

Item detail pane showing non-relevant info. The detail pane continues to show the last selected entry when you have switched views (Favorites, Categories, Folders). Usually it shows the last entry for that specific view, which is most likely relevant for that view selection, but not always. I even have one pane showing me a demo data entry while in personal data mode. I don't have any favorites in my personal data file. While I was testing with the demo data, I had selected the CIBC Visa Gold entry. 1P had locked while I was fixing a snack and when I returned, I unlocked it with my code. I could switch between views and it would show my data. When I switched back to Favorites, there was the CIBC Visa Gold demo data in the details pane. In the item selection pane, it shows a lighter embossed star with the text "Add your favorite items here...". Perhaps this same idea needs to be applied to the detail pane. Instead of showing whatever was the last cached/selected entry, show the 1Password logo in the same light embossed style.

Let me know if you need any more info or need screen shots if you can't reproduce the problem.

EDIT: Updated the Settings window section with more details


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    Hi Smudge,

    Thanks for the feedback!
    1. The portrait mode is not fully implemented yet, it's a recent change to the app and we're still working on improving it. The search field will be added as soon as possible. I've shared the rest of your suggestions with our designer and hopefully, we'll make some improvements there.
    2. Smart folders will not be in the first 4.0 release, we might consider it in a future update but I don't know when exactly.
    3. We'll look into adjusting the popup window for Settings.
    4. Ref: Demo mode, this is a state restoration bug. It shouldn't be showing you any data as soon as you unlock into your own data file. We'll look into it.

    Thanks again!
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