Add form data to existing login

I've got several hundred imported logins. I intend to clean them up for 1PW as I visit each site.

When I am at a login page, how can I get the form info to be added to my existing 1PW record for the site?

As near as I can tell, it only learns the form data if you create a new login.


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    You are correct. When you save a new Login item 1Password "learns" all the information on the page in order to fill it properly. I'm not sure if I understand what feature you are requesting. If you can provide some more details, I'd be happy to pass your feature request along to the developers.
  • Well dont take it as a feature request. But here's what I was trying to ask:

    I have 500 some odd entries from my previous password manager that I imported. So they basically have username and password and a few other fields, but unlike 1P they are not geared to form-filling, so they dont have other stuff like "keep me logged in" or "remember me" and all that jazz.

    So I was trying to figure out if I could go to the login page on a site that corresponds to one of these logins, then bring up the entry in the 1P add-in, and get it to add the remaining form fields to the entry.

    Is that possible, or would I have to recreate the entry for that kind of stuff?
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    You need to save a new Login item if you want 1Password to "learn" all the form fields on the page. That said, many/most of the Login items may work just fine. 1Password has some intelligence, so even if a Login is not saved via 1Password's browser extension it will often work well. Of course, for folks who are just starting out we always recommend saving Logins via the extension to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

    If it were me, I'd just use my existing Logins and save new ones as needed when I cam across them. No sense in spending a lot of time "fixing" something that works fine. As long as you have the existing data, you can use it to create a new Login item at any point in the future. There is no hurry. If you just do one or two as you come across them the effective effort in the transition approaches zero.

    But I am lazy. Maybe you like re-saving dozens or hundreds of Login items. <img class=" />
  • Yup, I agree. If/when I come across one that could benefit from learning the form, I will recreate it.

    Thanks for all your responses this week. I really think this forum is a vaulable part of 1PW.
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    Thanks for saying so. It is my pleasure to help. :D
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