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I recently started two discussion threads about German category names over at But since it's awfully quiet there, I'll copy them here as well:

(1) SocialSecurityNumber

I think that an entire category for "Sozialversicherungsnummer" (Social Security Number) is not very useful for the German version. The German Sozialversicherungsnummer is not nearly as important as an American Social Security Number. Maybe we should rename this category to "Versicherungsnummer". That way it could be used for Sozialversicherungsnummern, KFZ-Versicherungsnummern, and all other kinds of Versicherungsnummern.

(2) Passport

Since the Passport category is translated as "Reisepass" (which is technically correct), there is currently no category for storing a German "Personalausweis" (a distinction that doesn't exist in Canada and the US). If we'd rename this category to "Personalpapiere" or something similar, it could be used for storing both Reisepässe and Personalausweise. Any thoughts?


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    I do agree with mfichtner. Two separate categories for items, you only have one or two of, just doesn't make sense. I still prefer the old category "Wallet" with sub-categories for "Social Security Number, Passport etc. So you have a digital copy of your wallet with all cards in it. With the new system all the cards are cluttered over several categories.
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    Hi guys,

    @mfichtner, we're looking into a replacement that should work better than Transifex, we're going to release more information soon. It should promote more collaboration.

    Unfortunately, we do understand that some of our categories might not be useful in some countries, I'm not sure it is a good idea to rename the categories to match what's commonly used in your country for now. The current list of categories we have are not likely to be final, it is something we want to be flexible with and one of our goals is to let you create custom categories in the future, so that it'll apply to your countries and/or cultures.

    In addition, you can create folders to try to replicate what Wallets were doing in 1Password 3. We want to do smart folders in the future but no timeframe on that either.

    You can sort the categories by editing it and drag the least used categories to the bottom to try to hide them if you don't use them as much.

    We do have a lot of parents who use 1Password's Social Security items in US because they need to know all the social security data on their family members, specifically their children.

    For now, please do name them as what they most likely to mean, rather than what they could be in your countries, to avoid conflicting with future categories.

  • You are absolutely right with both points, mfichtner. But it looks like this has to be solved by future features like custom categories. I do think this is necessary, since other countries often need very different categories on a daily basis.
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    Just to let you guys know, we've switched to Crowdin service for the translations, no more locks. You can find out more here:
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