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Just wanted to let you know about something, I found that there are quite a few things that are listed as items to translate to spanish, but that are empty. Not sure if the text is missing or if the items are there by accident and we're done with the Spanish translation. Either way, for now as there are no more new items to translate I'll look what's translated and start voting on it.

Example of empty items:


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    Hi there,

    It looks like these are the pop-up menus, so menu.pop_type would show "POP, IMAP, or POP and IMAP" as options when you tap on the types field. Same for "Male, Female" when you tap on the sex type for some of the items like Identity.

    I'll ask the team why the strings are not showing up but I believe they are not meant to be shown for now. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

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    Not sure where it is in crowdin, hoping maybe here could direct me, but the iCloud subtext is wrong instead of "Última sincronización hace hace un segundo" should be "Última sincronización termindao hace un segundo" (Last synchronization completed/ended one second ago)
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    It's Last Synced in the Localizable.strings package.

    I think your translation might be a bit too long to fit in one line, if you can think of something shorter, that'd be helpful.
  • OK, thanks, the biggest problem I have with it is just that "hace hace" isn't normal because you wouldn't have two of the same verbs, conjugated, next to each other. I made a change in that assuming that %@ includes the second "hace". Thanks MikeT
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    Thanks, we appreciate your help on this!
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