"exact match" in search

Hi, is there a way to search for an exact match?

let's say I have two passwords: Pass1 and Pass123.
Searching for Pass1 lists me both passwords, I'd like a way to limit my results in a way similar to what you do in Google by putting the string you want to search between quotes.



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    Welcome to the forums, liliumdavidii! I'll pass your request for this along to the developers. Thanks for the feedback. :)
  • Thanks Khad, I guess from your answer there is no way at the moment to restrict my search to exact match?
    I wanted to use it to evaluate how many logins are using the same password...
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    Unless you have passwords that include other passwords within them, the current search should work very well for that purpose.

    Just make sure you are searching the "Password" field or "Everything".


    You can also sort by password strength which will quickly show you which passwords are weaker and thus could not have possibly been generated by 1Password's built-in password generator and thus also have a higher chance of being reused since they weren't automatically generated:

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