Feature Request: TextExpander Touch Integration

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Guys just wondering if its advisable or possible to add text expander support to the built in browser. I am not sure if its something that could or should be done. I just had to switch over to TE and grab a snipit and happened to think about it.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Tommy,

    I'll add it to our list and see if it is possible. I'd also like to see the ability to bookmark the sites in 1Password to my pinboard account if it is possible. Maybe support for bookmarklets to let us extend it.

    Thanks for sharing your great idea!
  • Penelope PitstopPenelope Pitstop Junior Member
    I would really like TextExpander Touch integration. http://smilesoftware.com/sdk.

    It makes typing so much easier. For example, typing Mike's bug report template would be simpler.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I could have sworn this was already mentioned, but I couldn't find another thread with which to merge this.

    Personally, I've taken to using iOS keyboard "shortcuts" quite a bit. I've a mountain of URLs stored in them. They aren't multi-line, so they wouldn't work for your bug report template example, but for now perhaps that will help a tiny bit. They are systemwide which is nice. I only wish they would sync across all my iOS devices. It's a pain trying to keep them up to date on all my devices. Another thing that TextExpander excels at. :)

    Noted as a "nice to have" feature!
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    Fight fair. It doesn't count if it's a thread you started. :P

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