Trying to import from Roboform

I'm evaluating 1Password for Windows and I currently use Roboform. The help page for importing from Roboform only mentions versions 6.9 and 6.10, which were quite awhile ago now.

How do I import my logins from the current version into the current version of 1Password?



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    Welcome to the forums, maugustine! Thanks for your interest in 1Password.

    In RoboForm 6.9, use the “print list” feature for passcards, making sure you select the “full URLs” option, to create an HTML file containing your Passcards. Import the resulting HTML file into 1Password for Windows.

    Unfortunately, Roboform 6.10 and later versions seem not to include the ability to export your complete Passcard data. You would need to contact the RoboForm developers to find out why they are trying to lock you in to their product by not giving you a usable export. I'm sorry that they are doing such a thing.

    If you don’t see (and select) the “full URLs” option available in Roboform 6.9, your imported Logins might not work as expected in 1Password for Windows.

    RoboForm 7 would fall under the category of "6.9 or later".

    1Password will never lock you in like that. You can export all of your data to a usable CSV file at any time. We believe that your data is your data, and you should be allowed to do with it what you want. We don't think that artificial lock-in is beneficial to our customers. I'm sorry to say that it seems the RoboForm folks do not agree with that philosophy.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can help with in 1Password.
  • The way I did this a couple of months ago is find/download older version of Roboform (6.9), install it in a VM and export my data using that older version.

    I would imagine that uninstalling current version of Roboform and installing 6.9 would work as well. Roboform hasn't changed the structure of the data files (yet). If they do and there's still no "full URL" option, users might be lock-in for good.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome to the forums, vahan! Thank you for sharing the tip. Hopefully it will help others stuck in a similar situation.
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