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I have been setting up a number of logins and syncing my 1password account via dropbox between my PC and iPhone. I'm having two problems with certain thumbs:

1) They do not download properly on both PC and iPhone (e.g.
2) They download properly on my PC, but not my iPhone (e.g.

For (1) I got the Avis thumb to show up by changing the url to temporarily downloading the thumb, and then changing it back. However, while it now shows up on the PC, it still doesn't sync over to my iPhone.

Any ideas?


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    In 1Password for Windows the icons are downloading directly from the websites and stored in your data file. 1Password cannot display an icon if the site doesn't provide one.

    In 1Password 4 for iOS the icons are served from a separate image server. This gives us greater flexibility to provide images even for sites that don't provide them themselves, but it also means that we need to have more than a couple days of live usage for the best experience. Please do give it some time. It will improve in the coming days, weeks, and months. :)

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with in the meantime.
  • Thanks. Does that mean that if I add a site with a thumb to my PC, eventually your iOS sever will pick that up and make it available on my iPhone, or in some cases may this never happen?
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    No information from your data folder is ever sent to our servers. This includes icons. Please see my posts in this other thread for some more information:
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