Question About 1Password iCloud Syncing With Windows (or other option...)

Hello 1Password Support.

I just purchased 1Password 4 on my iPhone and it looks powerful! (dance) Great job.

I would like to keep my home machines, i.e., iPhone, iPad, Mac, in sync with my work machine, i.e., Windows laptop.

I was planning on using Dropbox, but found out that Dropbox is blocked at my work.

So, I was hoping I would be able to use iCloud at my work machine to keep them all in sync. But from what I have read on other posts, it seems like iCloud syncing will not be coming to the Windows version of 1Password...

1. How can I keep my work Windows machine in sync with my home machines and vice verse?
2. Can you please confirm that iCloud syncing will not be coming to the Windows version of 1Password?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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    Welcome to the forums, securepw! Thanks for taking the time to contact us (and with such kind words). :D

    As far as I know Apple has not provided an SDK for iCloud on Windows at this time, thus making iCloud support in Windows impossible for now. I thought they had promised iCloud would be available on Windows at some point, but it is not available at the time of this writing.

    The only way to sync is via Dropbox, but as you mentioned that won't be fly in your work environment.

    1Password 4 for iOS does have a new iTunes File Sharing option that will allow you to copy your 1Password data manually from your iOS device to your Window computer. If everything else is syncing via Dropbox perhaps it will be a possible solution for you.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.
  • securepwsecurepw
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    Thank you for the prompt response!

    I looked at the link you provided. It seems to be useful for conducting manual "one-off" backups, with the data not being updated automatically. I use my Windows work machine 60% of the time and my home machines 40% of the time. So I was hoping for a more automated process.

    1. Do you have any other more automated way to keep my Windows machine in-sync please?

    Thank You.
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    You're absolutely correct. It is not an ideal solution if you're looking for something as automated as Dropbox.

    Until recently Dropbox was the only option, so it is a step in the right direction, but we're working to find a direct syncing option that is more automated. I don't have a time frame for a specific release, but this is definitely on our radar.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer at this time.
  • Khad,

    No problem, thank you the prompt response!

    Take Care.
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    It is my pleasure.

    Happy Holidays!
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