Extension for Chrome not submitting sign in properly (Facebook is example)

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Using the Chrome extension to sign into Facebook results in the following message:

Server error

The website encountered an error while retrieving https://m.facebook.com/r.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly

I checked the values stored in the extension via the right arrow and the values are the same as in the full program version of 1Password. If I copy and paste the Username and Password from the program the sign in is successful! What is happening.

(Up until today the right arrow was not functioning in the Chrome extension so there was no way to check what values were stored in the extension for username and password:)


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    Is there a reason you saved a Login for Facebook's mobile site? The first thing I would recommend is saving a new Login item.

    1. Visit the main Facebook home page: https://www.facebook.com
    2. Enter your credentials, but DO NOT submit the form.
    3. Click the 1Password button in your browser's toolbar, and select the "+" button in the upper right hand corner.
    4. Change the title and make any notes (if desired).
    5. Click the Save button in the upper right hand corner.

    Using the above technique I was able to save and fill a sample login at:


    Manually saving a new Login can be useful for logins that are either problematic to begin with or were once working but have since stopped. Saving a new Login item allows 1Password to refresh everything it "knows" about the page. Login pages often change as websites are updated and this can be a necessary but very useful tip. :)

    Please let me know how it goes.
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