Cleaning-up remnant 1PW files / folders

I've been using 1PW for enough years that I've gone through (very easily, I can add) a number of upgrades. In preparation for the forthcoming 1PW4 MAS, I'm attempting some desktop system file / folder clean-up in relation to possible remnant 1PW files / folders that may no longer be in use with 1PW 3.9.6. MAS. So, let me ask about the following items, specifically if they can be manually - safely - deleted.

Let me add, for clarification, I also use 1PW4 iOS along with 2 x 1PW 3.9.6. MAS apps. All are syncing with Dropbox.

Currently, 1PW 3.9.6. MAS backs-up to the following folder: user/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword-helper (and, then, deep into additional nested folders)
- This same Containers folder also has nested: com.agilebits.onepassword-osx + com.agilebits.onepassword-thumbs
I assume that these respective folders are key to 1PW 3.9.6 MAS and must not be deleted. (Please confirm.)

However, I see that my user/Library folder contains within Application Support a 1Password folder (that contains 4 nested folders, one of which is Backups - currently containing an old backup file). The other 3, nested folders are: Agents, Extensions, Fill. ...Can the senior folder (1Password - containing all the others) be safely deleted?
- If No, what are these folders doing (since the Backups folder contains an old backup)? ...Also, I'm curious about what the other folders are doing, particularly Extensions & Fill. {Extensions contains 3 folders that have names using 5-digit number. Fill has 3 plist files for web logins.
- If Yes, are there any other folders (sitting around that can also be deleted)?



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    1Password 3.9 stores all of its support files in the sandbox container. You don't want to remove anything from:


    1Password 3.8 stores all of its support files in the "Application Support" folder. If you are no longer using 1Password 3.8, you can safely archive the data from:

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password

    I hope you don't spend too much time on this over the holidays. :)

    Merry Christmas!
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