JavaScript errors in 1Password browser plugins

I'm a web developer and use the error console in Firefox a lot.

I'm noticing a great deal of errors from the 1Password plugin.

This one is the most common:

Error: ReferenceError: sjcl is not defined
Source file: resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/onepassword/data/src/popup.min.js
Line: 6

I'm seeing the above error plus another one at work, but cant seem to provoke it now. Will post it tomorrow, lest I forget.

It'd be really nice to have these errors fixed as they pollute the error console window, which interferes with getting work done.


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    Welcome to the forums, mnmr! Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I will mention this to the developers. If you are able to find a reproducible case that would be even better. Let me know if you can. I'll see what we can do on our end.

  • This is the error that I am seeing at work:

    Timestamp: 18-12-2012 12:29:11
    Error: An exception occurred.
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/api-utils/lib/timer.js", line 28, in notify
    callback.apply(null, args);
    File "resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/api-utils/lib/content/worker.js", line 97, in
    self._emit.apply(self, JSON.parse(args));
    File "resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/api-utils/lib/events.js", line 119, in _emit
    return this._emitOnObject.apply(this, args);
    File "resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/api-utils/lib/events.js", line 149, in _emitOnObject
    listener.apply(targetObj, params);
    File "resource://onepassword-at-agilebits-dot-com/api-utils/lib/content/worker.js", line 205, in portEmit
    self._addonWorker._onContentScriptEvent.apply(self._addonWorker, arguments);
    TypeError: self._addonWorker is null
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    Thanks for following up. We can't reproduce this, but if you could help us do so perhaps we can get this resolved. So far one of the team here believes that it may be a bug in the extension APIs.

    Do you see this on every site or just a specific URL (or URLs)?

    Does it occur during browsing or just when trying to fill or something from the 1Password extension?

    Is this the regular web console in Firefox ⌘⌥K or somewhere else?
  • It occurs fairly randomly, both while surfing and while developing (i.e. reloading whatever page I'm working on). I'm not explicitly trying to fill any forms or log in when it happens.

    I see it in the Web Developer extensions error console window (the Web Developer toolbar shows three icons at the right side of the screen, one for CSS, HTML and JS errors).

    I can log my Firefox version and enumerate the other installed extensions if that is helpful.
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    The SJCL is our Javascript crypto library for decrypting your data when needed. This should not be triggered unless you interact with the extension, either by showing the main extension window or invoking a fill operation or possibly if 1Password is syncing data between the main data file and the browser extension.

    I haven't seen this happen myself, but I don't use Firefox very often if I can help it. :P I'd be curious to know if you have the same issue in another browser like Chrome. If it's only in Firefox, that would help us narrow the issue down some. Also, testing it in various update channels (Beta, Aurora, Nightly) would be helpful as well.

    You can test if it's being triggered during a sync by triggering a sync from the main 1Password application. Bring up the error console in Firefox. Then, go to 1Password and edit an item with a trivial change such as adding a note to the entry. Then, wait a few seconds for that entry to sync to the browser. (This happens fairly quickly.) If it's triggered during sync, you should see the error in the console log.

    Let us know what you find.
  • I am not currently seeing the problem (no longer working for the customer, so am now back to using my own PC)..

    I will be away on vacation for a while and so may not be the best person to engage in a debugging session. Concentrate on v4 and I'll get back to you if I see it happening again ;)
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    Will do. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime. :)

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