Issue maintaining added fields in 1Password for iPad

I just swapped out my routed for an Airport Extreme. I added all of the information to the accounts section of my 1Password for windows, which syncs to the iPad via dropbox. Everything synced properly. Today decided to add a few fields to the Airport information listed within the wireless routers section of the iPad app (it would be nice the category names were maintained across the line). I added fields for the guest network name, password, lan ip etc. I changed the field names accordiningly and saved. Once I did so I noticed that several of the fields showing in the edit screen were not showing in the screen once saved. In addition - the Airport ID field (fourth one down from the top of the saved screen) was re-labeled 'lan ip', which is one of my newly added fields at the bottom. I can't correct this because in the edit screen the field is properly named. It becomes improper after saving it. Rearranging the fields simply changes the field that is incorrectly named. It seems that whatever field ends up in that fourth slot (in the saved screen) will be named 'lan ip'. The edit screen also has a field at the top labeled 'section' that disappears once saved.


  • tried adding only one field to another one - same issue. It doesn't appear to be able to take the addition of a field.
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    Thanks for reporting this, Randomizer. Could you list the exact steps to reproduce the issue? I'm not sure I am seeing what you are seeing. It might help to enumerate the steps rather than listing them in one large paragraph.

    I want to make sure everything it working properly, but it isn't quite clear to me what steps you are taking, what you are expecting to happen, and what you are [not] seeing happen.

    I could just be a little slow from all the holiday food I've been eating, so it's likely not you it's me. :)

    I appreciate any additional information you can provide.

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