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Hello there,

I have a few questions regarding the MAS version of 1Password and additional licenses. I tried a search online before posting, but couldn't find the info I was looking for that was in any way current. I hope this is not a "beaten to death" subject. Please excuse me if it is :S

I would like to purchase the MAS version for several reasons (free 4.0 update, easier version updates on my/families Macs etc) but want to know if its possible to add a family license as well as the windows package license to the purchase. I am aware I can "upgrade" my license, but would like a bit more info on the costs/details involved before I just go ahead and buy the MAS version.

I have a PC at work and a Mac at home, but the family uses Macs exclusively at home so for them to all use the MAS version of the app would save a lot of headaches and time on my behalf to do updates, installs etc.

Can you provide some advice/insight on the best (cheapest) way to get additional licenses for my family as well as my work PC, while using the MAS version of the app?

Thanks, hope that makes sense ;)



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    Welcome to the forums, Aaron!

    The licensing terms of the App Store are very similar to our previous Family License. From Macworld's Mac App Store FAQ:

    "You can install apps bought from the Mac App Store on any and every Mac that you personally own and use."

    "Apps don't check to see if you've using an iTunes-authorized Mac. They can ask you to verify your Apple ID and password, but that's a single check and it's just to verify you are who you say you are. Once your identity is verified, that's it. There's no authorizing or deauthorizing or counting of different Macs."

    "Apps are purchased for and owned by a user linked to a single Apple ID. But if you log in with that ID on all the Macs in your household, you can download and install your apps on each one."


    In short, the upgrade path we have carved out in the Mac App Store is (1) less expensive than it has ever been previously and (2) still has quite nonrestrictive licensing terms.

    I can't think of any circumstances offhand in which a MAS license would be any more restrictive than our Family license, so there shouldn't be a need to "upgrade" it to a Family license.

    As for a Windows license, if you email us your MAS receipt we would be happy to provide you with the bundle discount on a Windows license so you are don't end paying any more purchasing MAS + Windows than you would by purchasing the Mac + Windows bundle directly from us. As you mentioned, that also means you get the free upgrade to 1Password 4 for Mac when it is released. :)

    You can email us your MAS receipt at any time: [email protected] agilebits .com

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help.

    Happy New Year! :D
  • khad,

    Thanks for the detailed response :) I do have another issue at hand though considering the AppleID's.

    Only 2 Macs in the house use the same AppleID (mine). The others use AppleID's that each family member has setup and been using. For me to install the app on their computers and take advantage of the MAS license terms, it would require me to login with my AppleID. This in itself isnt a big issue, but if there is any issues (unintended deleation ;) or updates that need to be done, it would require me to login with my AppleID. It would be more of a nusance as far I'm concerned, than a deal-breaker.

    Seeing as I want to be able to future-proof this purchase a little with the free 4.0 update, is this the only real way to take advantage of the MAS version? I'll go that way if needed, I'm just trying to make it as easy as possible.

    Keep me posted,

    Thanks :)

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    Yes, you would need to temporarily switch the Apple ID that is logged in on the App Store to install 1Password on the additional Macs.

    Right now, the deal we are offering is that all Mac App Store copies of 1Password come with a free upgrade to Mac v4 when available. To me it would be worth the slight change of convenience for the savings compared to purchasing a Family license and version 4 upgrade as well.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know. :)
  • khad,

    I agree, the free upgrade is worth the price of convenience. Was just trying to have my cake AND eat it ;)

    Thanks for the help, I'll do things that way and figure out the windows license after I've got the Mac side all sorted.

    Thanks again,

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    It is my pleasure to help. I'll catch you next year! :P
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