4.1b6 iPad Unlock Screen Aesthetic Issue

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This is a very minor issue indeed but, given the effort you have put in to polish the UI, I thought it worth mentioning.

The text "Enter Quick Unlock Code" appears to be positioned oddly in the unlock screen input field on iPad.


I think it should either be centred in the field or made consistent with the prompt for the Master Password:


On the iPhone, the text is centred in the box and I think this is the most pleasing appearance except that the insertion point appears at the left of the text and, when you start entering the code, the insertion point shifts to the middle of the box which feels odd.

How picky am I? :)



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    I'd like to expound upon this topic.

    I agree with Penelope on the aesthetic issue. But I think it goes beyond that. It's also a matter of logic and an intuitive interface.

    Consider that...
    • the Quick Unlock Code is four digits (like a PIN code)
    • when Quick Unlock Code is turned on, the user is presented with a the screen below:

    • there are four square fields shown, indicating that the PIN code should be four digits. (Obvious!)
    • the user is presented with a numeric keypad to enter the PIN. (Obvious!)

    Once the Quick Unlock Code is turned on and a 4 digit code is entered, the user is presented the screen below:


    As can be seen, the user is presented with a text field (similar to the masterpassword unlock screen) and a numeric keypad

    So, the question...

    Why is the user not presented with a screen similar to the first one (above) with four square blocks and a keypad?
    Why not be consistent?

    By presenting the 'four square blocks and a keypad' screen, you provide the user with an instant visual cue that he is being prompted for a 4 digit pin (i.e., the Quick Code). No need for him to read "Enter Quick Unlock Code," no "pregnant pause." The "password" (quick code versus masterpassword) is immediately obvious because the screen is visually distinct for the other.

    Here's a mockup:

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    Great feedback. Thank you!
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