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Dear Agile folk

Which support route should I use to report problems with the iOS app?

Your website and the app only suggest email, but I've only received auto-responses to emails I've sent in the last month. I appreciate that you've launched a new product and the holidays have gotten in the way, but there seems to be more support via tweets and on the forum rather than via email.

I'd almost forgotten about this helpful forum and can't find any mention of it on the website or in the app - am I missing something?

It does all feel a bit tangled, with the Support tab on the website linking to:
- Customer Center (no help, just license details)
- Support Site (knowledge base only, link to email but not forum)

Yours a little frustratedly,


  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot
    Hey Steve

    Sorry things have gone a little hey wire lately.

    You are more than welcome to post issues here. Make sure they are not sensitive info otherwise email may be best. The same folks answer email as well as post here. So fire away. (well excluding me I don't have access to the email system).

    The Customer Center was always designed as a self help center for key retrieval etc.
    I hadn't noticed the change to the support site i.e. no new submissions etc. I knew it had been mentioned. I seldom visit there. Looks like it has been implemented. Of course being pro bono and not an official member of the team. I am usually the last one to know those details. :P
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    I'm sorry for any confusion. You can reach us here in this public community forum as well as privately via email at any time: [email protected] agilebits .com

    We're the same team no matter what channel you prefer: public or private.

    We are actually providing a lot more support via email, but the inflows are also much higher via email. We're replying to everyone as quickly as possible and in the order in which they contacted us to be fair to everyone. There are just fewer posts here and on Twitter (for example) so it is easier to keep up in those channels.

    We hope to have email support response times back to our usual levels — within 24 hours and often much faster — as soon as possible.

    I just checked and Marshall replied to your first email to us within a couple days but you never wrote back to him. (His reply was Sun, 16 Dec 12 09:19am.) I've replied to your other email which you just sent on Saturday. We have a smaller team on the weekends so I hope that one business day is a more acceptable response time. I'll be monitoring your ticket from here on out to make sure you get timely replies.

    In order to avoid any confusion, let's stick to email so no one is duplicating efforts between multiple support channels.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    Thanks again, Khad (and Tom) for your all of your help. My faith in Agile is restored (clap)

    Once things are back to normal, any chance that a link could be added to this fantastic forum from the https://agilebits.com/support page?
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Great news! Thanks, Steve. :D

    As for the link, we've adjusted links to various places to help with inflows in certain ways. I can't make any specific promises, but I'll certainly communicate your feedback to the team.
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