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  • Hi, I'm Macrina from the old forum: tried repeatedly to sign in, using 1Password, of course, and my account couldn't be found or recognized..So I just re-registered. Had to use Marina, because Macrina "was not available".

    BUT. . . I am thrilled you have changed forum bases! The other one just didn't work well at all in many areas.
    Kudos to you, Dave, with all your crew!

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    @Marina, did you try resetting your password? Your email address should be associated with your Macrina account and you should be sent a link to reset it.

  • Hi Khad! No, I didn't, and actually I think I used a different mailbox name which is associated with my email address. Ought I go back and try to change it?

    At the time I didn't see any option except to re-register.

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    @Marina, do you no longer have access to the [email protected]… email account?

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