IPassword 4.1 available in App Store

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4.1 was approved last night CET

Again (same situation as with 4.0 which was submitted in total secret) it seems your are not spreading the news on this beta forum that 4.1 has been submitted. Beta testing is about giving and getting feedback on current versions. IMHO this lack of communication doesn't make things much easier and in fact more confusing !

So... which beta is the same as 4.1 "release" ?


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    I agree with mgshoutman. It's a bit confusing. Perhaps an update from AB would help.
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    Hi mgsoutman,

    I'm sorry, we did forget to let you guys know. We're going to start letting everybody know in the Changelog of the updates. We started with the 4.1.1b4 update, which mentioned that it'll be submitted to the App Store as 4.1.1.

    The 4.1.2 was an emergency update with a single line of code change to the same 4.1.1 build to fix a critical bug but already had a fix in the betas, so we didn't mention it separately.

    We'll do the same mention in the 4.2 betas, if we believe the next beta update will be the last update before submitting, it'll include a line saying something like This will be submitted to the App Store as 4.2.

    We want feedback on each beta updates, not the ones that we submitted. We don't want you guys to hold back on any.

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