Grammar badness makes cracking harder the long password

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There is another awesome article on Ars Technica about creating passphrases:


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    Hi Mike,

    Yep, Ars did a great job writing it up. I believe we're working on a follow-up to it but the key thing is that we believe the same thing applies to your master password and we wrote about it a few years ago in articles like this one and this.

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    Between Ars and the AgileBits blog I normally feel I am keep my security processes fairly up to date without extreme paranoia!

    My grammar is pretty bad anyway, but I gave up on trying to generate my own passphrases a while ago and use Diceware, but sometimes I get caught out without access to Diceware so the article is useful for helping to think up better passphrases.

    I'll look forward to your article.


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    Hi Mike,

    I'm glad to hear we're in your top twos.

    sometimes I get caught out without access to Diceware

    Wait, you don't have 1Password on your iOS device surgically attached with an extension cord to your hip all the time like us? I guess, we're not normal folks then. :)

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    The simple message is that people are terrible at being random even when they are trying to be random. If you ask people to pick an item at random from a list of 5 things, you will get a disproportionate picks of the second and fourth items. (Psychics use that trick). If you ask people to pick a random number between 1 and 100 the results have a strong tendency to be (pseudo)-prime, or at least odd.

    So even if you are stuck without access to the Diceware lists, try to find some way to (externally) randomize the password selection process.

    I really should have gotten this article out earlier, but I've been doing a lot of math on this also on our Strong Password Generator, which I'll probably have to cut from the article anyway.



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