Cross-Platform Software Licenses

As someone who primarily uses 1Password for Mac and iOS, I'm not sure how I should deal with cross-platform software licenses.

Right now, I only keep OS X software licenses in 1Password. I keep Palm, Windows, and other licenses in Evernote.

The main reason would be how 1Password deals with application icons. What is your solution for dealing with cross-platform software licenses?


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi Henry,

    1Password does support custom images in the 1Password for Mac app. You create an image of the app icon and drag it into the image icon for the Windows and/or other platform apps. I do a image search via google for the application, save the best looking one and drag it into the software item's image area. Here's what I did for Windows 8:

    W8 Image

    This may work actually better in the future with 1Password 4 for Mac/Windows, where we'll be taking advantage of the same technologies in the iOS app, where we host the application icons that are uploaded from the customers and 1Password 4 will download it automatically for everybody else if it matches the application's name.

  • How do you suggest keeping track of the platform that the software is for?

    Example: Photoshop for Windows vs Photoshop for Mac serial.

    Would you suggest just using tags?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I would just append "for Windows" to the version number so it looks like:

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