Upgraded to Firefox ESR 17.0.2 and request for "add-in" for that version

For one of my computers, I am required to use a Firefox ESR version, For this machine, I was given the appropriate "add-in" for that version {around 12) and had the automatic update for "add-ins" disabled. (Mid-2012) It worked flawlessly for me.

I now had to update to Firefox ESR 17.0.2 and I don't think my old v12sih "add-in" works with my current Firefox 17.0.2 ESR. Is there a way that I can get the version of 1password that would correspond to Firefox ESR 17.0.2.


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    Hi Ulsh,

    The latest extension we have is compatible with Firefox 17. Remove the current extension you have in Firefox via the Firefox Menu > Add-ons > Extensions.

    Once you remove the older 1Password extension, open the main 1Password app, unlock, press the Preferences button to go to the Browsers section and press the Install Firefox Extension button. Follow the instructions that opens up in Firefox and it should then start working.

    I hope that helps, please let me know.

  • UlshUlsh
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    Since the latest is the right one, I went to Firefox Tools > Add-ons. > Extensions

    Instead or removing... I just did the update to 3.9.9 and that appears to be working

    I am hoping that this was equivalent....

    I tested it for a few items and It appears to be working

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    Hi Ulsh,

    That's great to hear. Generally, that's the same thing as reinstalling the extension, I generally recommend doing a reinstall when there's a huge gap between the version you have now and the version you're upgrading to.

    I'm glad it went smoothly.

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