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Coming from the a MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago and having just purchased my a new family license for our numerous computers in the house I am noticing that the windows version lags way behind in features compared to the mac version of 1Password. There is no native way to sync between 1Password and an iOS device other than Dropbox or some other cloud feature (sorry I don't think its secure enough) and the password generator was something I could use within the 1password app but now have to do it within the browser add-on? Next I noticed that when I unlock 1Password it doesn't unlock the browser add-on but it did in the mac version regardless of which browser I used. I love the app, I paid for the app many, many times over but I feel for the price point the windows version needs some parity with the mac version.


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    Hi @Michael_D,

    The 1Password for Windows is still relatively new compared to what 1Password for Mac went through in its more than five years of development. When the first version of 1Password for Windows was developed, it was based on the latest version of 1Password for Mac, which at the time was 1Password 2. Many of the limitations you saw is because that's the same restrictions 1Password 2 for Mac had.

    We're working on a major update to get 1Password for Windows up to parity with 1Password 3/4 for OS X. Right now, majority of the features and the core are there and the same as 1Password 3 for Mac, we just need to overhaul the interface to match it up.

    As for the cloud services, Wi-Fi sync solutions are very difficult to develop, and even worse on Windows compared to OS X for us. We're working on a local USB sync tool for OS X that could make its way to the Windows platform but no promises here, it's something we're considering.

    There are technical differences between Windows and Macs and at the moment, these differences are what preventing the universal unlock feature from working properly. We're trying to find a way but it's extremely difficult due to how it works in the Windows world with processes and accounts that it runs in, something we didn't have to fight with on OS X.

    The Windows app will continue to evolute just as the Mac App has over the years and it'll catch up, we just need more time.

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    the password generator was something I could use within the 1password app but now have to do it within the browser add-on

    In the Windows app, here's how to generate a password:

    1. View > Generated Passwords, then: File > New Item > Password

    2. File > New Item > Login, then click on the button labeled "Generate"

    3. double-click an existing login item, then double-click on the password field, then click on the button labeled "Generate"

  • Mike T, Thank you for the concise answer that does help and while I know the rule is not to give out timelines for updates because as a general rule dates can and often are missed due to unforeseen circumstances and no one likes to be late with an update :) so I won't ask for a date, but I will ask given I just purchased a new family license for the Windows version, can we expect to see the "major" update sometime in 2013 and when it launches I presume there will be some sort of upgrade discount offered?

    Thanks again.

  • Stefan, thank you for pointing the way to the password generator. I guess I just have to learn the new ways to do things in windows vs the mac world.

  • I guess my biggest concern is trusting any cloud service to hold and sync my entire security app file, to me it seems risky and I always used the wifi sync method on the mac. I hope the USB sync method makes its way to windows and I do realize there are big differences between the two platforms, but given the fact that Windows install base is far greater than what OS X is by leaps and bounds doesn't it make some sense to offer comparable features and push to get Windows users onto your app? iOS or Android or Windows Phone they all have a desktop client.

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    We don't normally pre-announce release dates or even time frames as too many factors (some beyond our control) affect them. Please keep an eye on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and/or subscribe to our email newsletter to stay informed of news and updates. :)

    From the moment we designed the Agile Keychain data format we ensured that it was able to withstand an attack should your data fall into the wrong hands, either as a result of a Dropbox breach or if someone physically stole your computer. As such, we use AES encryption with PBKDF2 key strengthening to protect your sensitive 1Password data as well as many other mechanisms to stop an attacker from ever accessing your information and we detail this here:

    So, as long as you use a secure master password that you don't use elsewhere, your 1Password data is incredibly safe even when stored on a service like Dropbox. If you're not sure about the strength of your master password, please do take a look at our recent blog post on this:

    I can't think of a much better way to show just how strongly 1Password protects your data than by pitting it against the pre-eminent password cracking tool John the Ripper. We did exactly that not too long ago:

    But we understand that some folks are simply "cloud averse" no matter how securely their data is encrypted before being transmitted. (We hope you are not using Gmail or banking online if that is the case.) We are actively working on the USB Sync tool for Mac and a Windows option is on our radar.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!

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