Which site?


Should I be using https://agilebits.com/support or this site?

This site seems to be a lot busier and people are asking support type questions. I wondered if this one is for users and the other for official support requests?

So which is which and for what purpose?



  • thightowerthightower T-Dog Agile's Mascot

    Here is fine Steve

    This is the forums where folks discuss problems and ask for help. You can either do that via this site or emailing support.

    This is more of a place for replies etc and the link you reference is more for self help requests etc. Its all at your disposal and you are free to use any of the means of contact to ask for help. If its a sensitive or potentially private issue then email is the best route.

    If its a general question and is not private etc feel free to discuss it here.

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