Windows 8 Prof. 1Password Helper Problems


I'm using Windows 8 Professional, 1Password and Firefox 19. Anytime I restart my computer I have to restart the 1Password helper, otherwise the 1Password symbol in Firefox is showing the red symbol, that it can't connect correctly to the database. A fresh installation of 1Password didn't fix it.

Do you know about this problem? Can I help somehow to fix this?

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Davide Lorenzon


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    I'm sorry that you are having some trouble, Davide. Please review our troubleshooting guide for this, and review each step carefully:

    One possible cause is a proxy server or other "Internet security" program blocking the secure connection between the sandboxed browser extension and the main 1Password program. Workarounds for both of these are outlined in the guide, and the latter has its own page linked in step seven:

    Please let me know how it goes and if the above applies to your situation.

    If you are still having trouble after following the steps in the troubleshooting guide above, let's try completely removing and reinstalling the Firefox extension. Other browsers handle the removal of the SQLite file automatically when you remove the 1Password extension, but you will need to do this manually for Firefox:

    1. Open Firefox.
    2. Remove the 1Password extension.
    3. Enter about:support in the address bar and press Return.
    4. Click the "Show Folder" button.
    5. Quit Firefox.
    6. In the Explorer window that opened, go up one level in the file hierarchy.
    7. Move the OnePassword.sqlite to your desktop.

    ​Then reinstall the Firefox extension from 1Password for Windows' preferences on the Browsers tab.

    Once everything is working well, you can safely move the OnePassword.sqlite file on the desktop to the trash.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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