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Sorry, I couldn't find the old thread.

I was just wondering if any thought has been given to replacing the "URL Keyboard" in the 1Password Browser with the "Login Keyboard" used on webpages/apps. This is the keyboard that has a space bar, and when "." is long pressed, presents .com as an option.

I still feel that this would be the ideal compromise keyboard between the normal keyboard, and the URL keyboard.


  • What is the more annoying and I think as a bug is when you select the address/search bar of the 1Password Browser, there is no space bar in the keyboard. If we want to do a search, without space bar, it's pretty much impossible to do :) If it can be corrected in the next beta release, it would be great.

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    HI guys,

    Sorry for not responding for awhile, a URL/Login keyboard is definitely in the plans.

    For now, use the / as the delimiter, you can type in I/Love/Mike and Google will knows it is supposed to search for I Love Mike.

    I apologize for the inconvenience but we'll add those spacebar/URL features to the keyboard as soon as we can.

  • Awesome tip about /.

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    On behalf of Mike, you are quite welcome! :)

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