Thoughts on Biometric Scanners

What are your thoughts of using biometric scanners as a means of authentication on websites or decryption? How do you think this will affect the concept of passwords? Ever since Apple aquired a fingerprint-scanning company, there have been rumors of the iPhone 5S possessing a fingerprint sensor in the home button. I think this would be awesome, and much more convienent/safe than the current means.

Another thought: If a fingerprint scanner was used, what would this mean for the brute-forcing as a means of hacking? How could that be done, and what else could be done?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Didn't mean to ignore you, @tatchley. I thought I pinged Jeff on this but will do so [again?]. I've never been a fan of biometrics because you can't change them if they become compromised. (And it is possible to fool fingerprint readers.) I'll leave the more intelligent discussion about it to Jeff. :)

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