Conflict with Punkbuster / APB:Reloaded

The Agile1pService and Agile1pAgent processes on Windows seem to conflict with Punkbuster or perhaps just the variant for APB:Reloaded. I put in a support request with EvenBalance to address this issue but they are typically not very responsive / helpful.

What do these processes do, anyway? I noticed if I kill them, the 1password program seems to work fine..

Can we get an option to turn these off unless the main 1password app is running?


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    Agile1pService is a NT-service that prevents you from having to unlock 1Password in IE over and over again. If you're not running 1Password in IE, or if you have no problem unlocking 1Password every time you close (and then re-start) IE, then you do not really need Agile1pService.

    Agile1pAgent is the helper that powers 1Password in all other web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Without Agile1pAgent, you cannot run 1Password in these other web browsers.

    What conflict are you seeing with Punkbuster?

  • Punkbuster detects these services as "disallowed" programs and removes me from the game.

    I uninstalled 1P but I'm still able to use it in Chrome (95% use case)

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    Punkbuster detects these services as "disallowed" programs and removes me from the game.

    Sounds to me like a false positive.

    I uninstalled 1P but I'm still able to use it in Chrome (95% use case)

    Without Agile1pAgent, your newly created items won't synchronize to your agile keychain in Dropbox. Also, a few other features (such as the Ctrl+\ shortcut for example) won't work.

  • Yes, it's most definitely a Punkbuster issue but as I said they are not very good about fixing the problem on their end. I am still working with them on this too, but their support is private so I can't show you the thread.

    There is a list of about a dozen programs that can potentially trigger this issue they have done nothing about, they really put the onus on the player to keep their system clean. Here are some of them:

    • Steam Ingame Community
    • Ventrilo Chat Overlay
    • Team Speak Overlay
    • Mumble Overlay
    • DxTweaker
    • ATI Tray Tools
    • Game Accelerator
    • EVGA Precision tool
    • Pando Media Booster

    Punkbuster is a service that attempts to prevent cheating in online games, so I guess what it's looking for are programs which are hooking in to the video or network, or sending input. Generally speaking, the programs on the list have some sort of on screen display / overlay that works on top of other programs. I am not a windows programmer so I can't really tell you more than that. I'm guessing the 1P services do the same thing, but it could be something else.

    For example, I also use a program very similar to EVGA Precision called MSI Afterburner, which also has an overlay. But MSI Afterburner allows you to turn the overlay off, and so it doesn't conflict with Punkbuster. A similar option, if we could identify the conflict in 1P, would be helpful. I am sure other people have use cases for completely turning off the services at will too, that would also be useful.

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    Hi Dan,

    The only thing I can think of is the localhost websocket connection that 1Password uses to communicate between Agile1pAgent and the browsers that Stefan mentioned. That type of connection might be enough to trigger them to ban 1Password. There's also the update check that uses the network but nothing else as far as I'm aware. We don't use any type of overlay like the rest of the apps you mentioned.

    Do they ban 1Password outright based on the service names or did they ban it based on some kind of algorithm? It sounds like as soon as you killed the Agile1PAgent process, PB allows you back into the game?

    Would it be possible to create a new Windows account and use it for gaming only? It seems like it's the least annoying way to game without all the extra stuff running and you could switch back to the original account for other stuff.

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