"Hide my logins"

In the Preferences window under the "IE" tab there's an option that says "Hide my Logins when 1Password is locked." What exactly does this setting control? I thought it would hide the title of logins in the IE extension when the keychain is still locked within IE. Is that the case?

If so, it isn't working for me. For example, I can close all my IE windows, then, I open a new one and go to a site like Amazon.com. Now, if I just click on the 1password button I can see "Login with Amazon" even though the keychain is locked. Am I missing something?

I'm using the latest version of 1password, on Windows 7 (fully up-to-date) with IE10.


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    The "Hide my Logins when 1Password is locked" option on the IE tab in preferences means that a list of your Login items is not available when clicking the "Go & Fill Login" button. With that option enabled and 1Password locked, click the "Go & Fill Login" button in the IE extension. You will be prompted for your master password before the list will even pop up. Without that option enabled you will only be prompted after selecting a Login from the list.

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